Monday, January 18, 2010

Our first blog

This is our first foray into the blogosphere, so please bare with the introductory post as we find our bearings around here.

Since blogging (as best we can tell) is aimed at giving thoughts and updates on the world around us, here are some thoughts and updates:
  • Have you heard that song "Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap? It's everywhere these days, and it is freaking beautiful. You have to check it out. Anyways, we mention it because Steve recently wrote a song called "Autumn" that is somewhat similar. We won't be debuting it for a while since we're working on getting the album material ready for shows, but it's somewhere on the horizon.
  • If you like blogging in shorter form, check us out at
  • How on earth did the Jets beat the Chargers yesterday?
  • If you would like to get on Will's good side, buy him a chocolate milkshake.
  • In the studio version of Man and the Sea, we're going to have 8 part harmony at one point. Eat your heart out CSNY.
  • Jake loves writing in bullet point. As you'll see from this blogpost and future ones, it's affected the whole band.
  • Our thoughts go out to the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. If you are able to support them, just search "Haitian Relief"--there are tons of organizations doing great work in this time of need.
  • Phil recently bought a synth that we'll be debuting in March. It makes crazy sounds, we think you're gonna dig it big time.
  • We'll be posting our first mix of Fable online in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.
Alrighty, that's it for today. And too to bid you adieu, we'll join in the tradition of technogeeks everywhere: