Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wow indeed

We received this email a couple of hours ago from our website. Needless to say, this is the greatest email any of us has ever received.

'Title: Guys, wow

Text: Wow...

I was given your CD by error at the San Francisco Apple Store. I really digged the name of the band, I love ambassadors, diplomatic immunity and all that kind of politics international stuff.

And, plus, I was on LSD that day, and It was the day of the giant`s victory parade.

I used your CD`s cover as my Ambassador passport all day, it allowed me to do some crazy shit such as giving orders to cops, going through security lines, assisting and supervising the work of the city workers, I was completely tripping and I thought there was infinite peace and power in the status of ambassador I could prove using your CD.

You guys are just... completely connected with the most epic trip of my life yet. Thank you, and, Wow... im getting a new cd, I lost the one I had in the turmoil of all the things that happened that day... but I wish I had it , it`s so cool and I remember it perfectly... I wanted you to know your work has infinite repercussions over people, I don`t know If you planned this out but really, it is important, and , I love how universal it is. Ok , so, it`s about it. If i come again in SFO ill look around for one of your shows. See ya !'