Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First show of 2010 announced!

Have you been missing your TLA fix? Are you itching to hear our new material? Are you up shaking at night because you are desperately searching for meaning in a world without shows by your favorite band?

Um, well, ok, let's just assume the answer is a resounding "YES". In that're in luck! We're busy scheduling out some shows for the upcoming months, and the first one that you can come to will be the last weekend of March. Here are the pertinent details

Boom Boom Room
With Vinyl, DJ K-OS of Digital Underground
March 27th

You can get tickets ahead of time here (we recommend this, there's a good chance this show will sell out. for serious).

Anyways, we're psyched about the show, and we can't wait to see folks out there. And if all else fails, you can rock out to 'Freaks of the Industry'--how could you say no to that?

P.S. Sorry about the lag between our 1st and 2nd blogposts--we promise we'll be better members of the blogosphere going forward.

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