Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Lambo Chronicles, Part 1

If you know TLA, then you know of our sound guy, John Lambert. If you're new to us, then you are missing out on the single greatest man to have graced this fine planet of ours.

As part of our blog, we'll be doing occasional updates with stories about Lambo. It's pretty hard to sum the guy up without meeting him--he alleges that he's 38, but we think he's more like 4500. A 4500 year-old wizard to be exact. One of these days we swear he's just going to start levitating around the ranch.

So anyways, this first installment starts from the fact that Lambo seemingly never eats. We have known him for a few years, and not once had the man eaten in front of us prior to roughly a year ago. Sure, he would consume stuff, but almost exclusively cigarettes and bottles of Heineken (which by the way, he opens with his teeth).

However, spring '09 we went down to LA for a string of shows, and the 2nd day we went to IHOP. Lo and behold, Lambo ordered food, and he ate it! A plate of pancakes and bacon to be exact, pictured above.

This was such a momentous occasion that we had to capture it on photo and blog. In the year since then, we've seen Lambo eat one other time (Burger King). But nothing can compare to the very first one, it was a revelation.

So if you're keeping track at home, our best account that John Lambert eats once every six months on average. If that doesn't make you want to know more about the guy, then you probably like to kick puppies.

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