Monday, May 31, 2010

Song Stories: Fable

The second song we posted from the upcoming album is called 'Fable' and we plan on having it on the upcoming sampler that'll available for download in the coming weeks.

Fable is a Steve song through and through, but before 2009 that didn't always mean the greatest things (sorry Steve). Steve loves fantasy novels like a fat kid loves cake, so sometimes his songs had the tendency to sound like magical treks through far off lands. The type of stuff you listen to while fighting dragons.

But Fable kinda represented the 1st major change in how Steve approached song writing. It's dark throughout and it sounds like nothing we'd ever heard from him. It also lacks the classic song structure of verse>chorus>verse>chorus>bridge>chorus that you hear in most songs, but that's something that makes us like it more.

Like a number of the songs that we recorded, Fable is about loss, specifically the stories we tell about people when they're no longer with us. At one of the parts, Steve actually recycled some old lyrics from an awful song that we used to play called 'Out of Mind'. When we first wrote it, Jake wrote some offensively emo lyrics (sorry Jake) that included the phrase "it's a disturbing trend'. That was about the only redeemable section of the song, but it gets put to good use halfway through the song with a sort of call and response between Jake and Will.

Fable also is the 1st time we had a song with what we've dubbed a 'super chorus'. That's right--a super chorus. Curious what makes a chorus 'super'? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out. You'll know it when you hear it.

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